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We are always expanding

As new trends and developments are introduced to the markets, we are making alliances with leaders inside several industries. We want to share how we growth in 2023. 

International Presence

We are very proud to share we are inside countries as United States, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Brazil. 


One of our principal core values has been innovation, we are developing new technologies and strategies to help growth revenue and expansion to our partners. 


We are currently building the largest epoxy specialized epoxy factory in Latin America. 


The continuously growth and expansion of the industry has made a constant growth on our business globally. 

International Events

We are vey proud to share our executive level directors are always visiting international shows around the chemical industry. 


As a chemical company we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable inside our process and business model. 

Testimonials of our clients


PPG Industries, Inc. 

We have always seen Resinas ACH as partner and a strategic key factor for our constant growth. 
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