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Recap for World of Concrete 2024

The team at Resinas ACH travelled from Houston, Texas. to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Knowing the enormous show WOC 2024 is, we decided to check in at the hotel at 8:00 AM and leave right immediately to the conference center.

Reviewing the exhibitors at this show, we noticed the large necessities for this industry, lots of customers are needing more and more the epoxy molecule structures for their jobs.

You name it, flooring, floor joins, industrial painting, coatings, etc. The industry is approaching to a high-demand of epoxy necessities.

The WOC 2024 is a 3-day show, larger than an average show, it can have over 40,000 attendees in the entire 3 days, lots of people getting to know the trends and new forms to build in America.

Just to add, we visited over 30 clients and partner up with several of them, making a successful WOC 2024.

See you at WOC 2025!

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